Albion Online New Weapons As Well As More

Albion Online New Weapons As Well As More

As a Albion Online players, they need to create weapons, now that we can see what we have with this beta of Albion Online. By making use of more advantages, it’s quite easy to buy cheap albion online silver.


More New Elements Add Into Albion Online

New weapons: Nice idea of the artifacts
New maps: New system of mounts that make the Albion Online Silver faster this is not going to work. The maps are way too big for albion, also make the game have more requirements because of that.

Dungeons and Raid are useless at the moment, You only need 5 people to do Hell gate Just to find other 5 people to fight. So if you have 7 people the 2 persons will sit in the city and wait for someone to leave the party so he can take place in the party of the Hell gate team. The bugs or overpower or underpower weapons takes too long to be changed or to be fixed we have so many weapons/armor that we know that need to be fixed.

Anyway, we will stay and test everything, included every mistake that you make we will waiting to face it. For instance, unreason Bans, New Hacks as well as bad new PvE gameplay to buy cheap albion online silver. UPAlbion, a safe and reliable official website that sell cheap gold/coins/silver and so on, your best choice.

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